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Whether you're here to code, design, or just explore, Optimism is the destination for humans that want to play a role in creating a new internet.

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The Optimism Collective is powered by people just like you all around the globe. Discover how your contributions can have the most impact.

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Whether you’re deploying an app or an OP Chain, the Superchain is the home to innovative use cases and lively ecosystems.

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Impact & Profit

Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF) rewards community members who make an impact. Play the positive-sum game with us!

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Are you looking to build but need inspiration? Check out our wish list of high impact project ideas that are waiting to be built.



The Optimism Collective is building a new age of governance that actually benefits its people. Influence the future by delegating.



This is the path for learning about Optimism, deploying your first contract, or attending community demo days.

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