About us

We pledge to uphold the values of Ethereum by producing infrastructure that promotes the growth and sustainability of public goods.

about Optimism

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The Optimism Foundation is dedicated to growing the Optimism Collective.

Not only are we writing software that scales Ethereum technology, we are also scaling Ethereum values by creating the rails for highly impactful projects that don’t have a business model to succeed. Read more about our Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF) model.‍

Sequencer profits will be donated towards scaling and sustaining public goods.


We are looking for talented people to grow the Optimism Collective! Explore roles with Base, OP Labs, Optimism Foundation, Test in Prod, Zora Labs, and more.


Follow us on X or join our Discord. We encourage users with any questions or problems to join our active communities for help.

Brand kit

Download our brand assets and check out our guidelines on GitHub.