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Build a world that benefits all, owned by none.

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Optimsim Collection

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The Superchain is a vision of a composable, unified network of blockchains that can support internet-level activity, powered by the MIT-licensed open source OP Stack.

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Deploy an L2

Deploy your own chain to accrue sequencer revenue and own the user experience.

Deploy an app

Join one of the fastest growing EVM ecosystems by deploying your app on an OP chain.

Contribute to the OP Stack

Help build the open internet by contributing to its underlying infrastructure, the OP Stack.


The Superchain ecosystem is growing


Trusted, community-led governance

The most human-centric, non-plutocratic governance model in crypto.



A two-house system, enabling a democracy that sets a new industry standard for digital governance.


Members of the Collective decide how Optimism’s economy, technology, and governance develop.


Voting is onchain, enabling trust through visibility into the decision-making process.

Your project, powered by public goods funding

Societal progression goes hand in hand with economic prosperity.

Retroactive Public Goods Funding rewards people and projects that create positive impact for the Optimism Collective.

About RetroPGF
Powered by public goods
RetroPGF is truly a disruptive mechanism that has allowed us to double down on our mission to bring transparency to the entire L2 ecosystem. We hope it becomes a model for other systems to fund public goods.
Piotr SzlachciakCEO of L2BEAT
With RetroPGF, we're creating a model where we can be auto-sustainable. This will help us to start planning future Ethereum México events and keep boosting people in the community.
Bricia GuzmánCo-Founder, Ethereum Mexico
Ethereum Mexico
RetroPGF has made it possible to work on public goods and get rewarded for providing real value to the community.
Previously, our team was providing free courses to the community without any reward. RetroPGF allowed us to retain our team and continue to build more courses.
Andrei PopescuHead of Content, Cryptozombies